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fornuis groen

STOOF is located at
Grootzand 22 in Sneek,a lively water sports town in beautiful Friesland.

Stoof is a unique restaurant where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with home-made cakes, a tasty lunch or a good glass of wine, but above all you can enjoy our delicious stews. 

Our name and our motto
“Global flavors, authentic taste!” already indicate that our restaurant will
take you on a culinary journey around the world with attention for flavor, health and simplicity.
The dishes are prepared with a sense
of tradition and with respect for nature.

Stoof is open from Tuesday to Sunday from noon.

See you soon. See you at STOOF,
Reservation required.

3 course dinner €35,50

Global flavors

Slowcooking in wine, beer, strong broth or coconut milk with fresh herbs, a Asian bumbu or a spicy chili paste. In all countries of the world, the most delicious stews are prepared with fish, meat and vegetables. Restaurant Stoof has original and authentic stew dishes .You will recognize the character and flavors  of various countries and regions.

Authentic Taste

Ever since  people hung a cooking pot over a fire, stews were made of what grew on the  land, everything the sea had to offer  and what dropped out of the sky.

Over time, the stews became more sophisticated and tastier. Now, in the memory of the fragrant stews of our mothers and grandmothers, Stoof makes mouthwatering stews.

At Stoof you create your own main course




Rice, fries, tagliatelle, or couscous
Steamed vegetables, coleslaw,compote or pickle relish

Stoof’s specialty


At a stew tasting we take you on a culinary journey around the world where we serve stew dishes from various countries.

You can indicate whether you prefer a meat, fish or vegetarian tasting or a combination .

If you dont’t like something or you if have an allergy, you can indicate that. We will of course take this into account, but after you stated your preferences you will be surprised by what the chef offers you.

We have more to offer than what’s listed on the menu.

It’s a fun, adventurous but above all tasty experience in both summer and winter time.

We serve our tasting for 2 people and up for € 22,50 pp

worldwide flavours

South America


Western Europe

Eastern Europe


North America

Restaurant STOOF
Grootzand 22
8601 AW Sneek
tel: 0515 756706

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